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Corrective Maintenance Form

This data entry for corrective maintenance work orders can also be used for periodic inspections. The data you received from the "Request Work Order" can be CLOSED in this screen. Keep in mind, that you will be able to retain information on your devices by control number. If you do not have a control number, ask your vendor for one. It is a unique alpha-numeric identifier like a social security number. This gives the owner of the devices control of information, even events that take place over time.


You should use a CODE for this field; Randy Green could be R1G; this is orinated from your client server database.
Control number is assigned during the time of inventory management program.
UP = up and operational; NA = Not Available for Repair; RA = Reassign Work Order.
Indicate here in COMMENTS, what was completed; parts needed; followup needed.
CM = Corrective Maintenance; DM Demand aintenance; EV = Event

This date is found on the original WO Request that was sent to you. The date completed is automatic when you CLICK the SUBMIT button.

Note: this is the date that you were requested to perform corrective maintenance.